Rhubarb galette

I am the lucky owner of a thriving rhubarb plant, having added it to my garden over a year ago now. I somehow resisted cutting stalks off the new plant last spring, and now I'm enjoying the pay off.  This week I consulted my Chez Panisse Fruit cookbook to see what to do with my bounty and decided to give the rhubarb galette a try.  Served with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream, it was quite remarkable.   Even my three year old ate every last bite with barely a pause, declaring "the cookie part" to be his favorite.

Thanks to the genius of the folks at Chez Panisse (and Jacques P├ępin, whom they credit), I discovered a galette dough that is so tasty it could contain, well, anything and you'd probably want to eat it. You can find the recipe I followed here.

A few notes:  I skipped the amaretti powder, but only because I didn't have any.  My crust was a bit more of a free-form than the one shown in the article.  I also chopped the rhubarb smaller and skipped the glaze.  I used only about 10 ounces of rhubarb sweetened with a generous 1/3 cup sugar to top half the recipe of the galette dough. 

The technique for making the dough is unique, but do follow it carefully.  The pastry doesn't look like much for a while, but comes together once you smoosh the pieces of dough into a ball with plastic wrap and refrigerate. 


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