The new egg sandwich

It started innocently enough with a quick visit to Honore with friends last Friday.  The plan was coffee and pastries followed by playing at the nearby park.  But a few weeks back I had snagged one of Honore's newest items -- a loaf of crusty levain -- fresh from the oven.  They told me it was a new item.  I crossed my fingers that it would become a regular thing.  It was fabulous.  Last Friday, however, I saw no loaves in the case.  So I asked the baker and he told me they were coming out of the oven in minutes.

An hour later after we were done at the park, I stopped back at Honore to pick up the loaf they had set aside for me.  And that was a lucky thing in itself since the bakery had already sold all the others. My loaf was still warm.  It made me very happy.

We ate on it Friday night accompanied by a goat cheese brie and apples. On Saturday, in an attempt to make another meal with this amazing bread, inspiration struck.  Like the bread, we think the sandwich is a keeper.

The New Egg Sandwich

Toast a large slice of bread in the oven on a rack (so air circulates on both sides of the bread) at about 350 degrees until somewhat crispy. The time depends on how moist your bread is, of course.  While you are toasting the bread, make your fried egg.  I like mine fried in a tiny bit of olive oil with Maldon salt, ground black pepper, and sumac sprinkled on the yolk before flipping it once the yolk is set and cooking a little more it's a "well-done" over easy egg -- the yolk maybe a tad drippy but not all liquid-y.  Anyway, suit yourself and make the egg(s) however you want. When the bread is ready, spread some basil pesto (at room temperature) on the bread, place your hot fried egg on top, then top that with thinly sliced ripe avocado and crumbled good-quality Israeli feta cheese.  Eat it with a fork and knife.

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