A new summer job

Wyatt and I are enrolled in a new co-op preschool for fall 2014 -- the Woodland Park Cooperative Preschool.  The school is a place that encourages student-led play and exploratory learning.  Opportunities are provided but the kids ultimately choose what they will interact with in both an outdoor and an indoor classroom.  Our new teacher, Teacher Tom, has a big personality and a lot of experience with this kind of program.  He's hugely popular.

As part of the co-op experience, each parent gets a school job. I''ll be the chairperson for the summer session program for summer 2015 -- but, it tuns out, that means doing a number of tasks for this summer's session as well.  So starting on June 4, I began buying snacks and coordinating activities for a program I know very little about.

To get more familiar with the summer program, Wyatt and I decided to participate in Woodland Park's summer session. So for the first two weeks of June we were still attending our regular co-op and also going to summer school three mornings a week at Woodland Park.  Super fun.  Crazy busy.

The other parents and staff that I've met at Woodland Park have been terrific, and nice, and super helpful.  It's truly a team approach for all the summer tasks, so I can't complain.  And if I'm honest, diving right in with a job to do has helped me feel part of the community more quickly.  Come fall, we'll be very familiar with the place, which I kind of like.



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