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June has been a tad busy in these parts. We have ended one school and started another.  Swimming lessons have begun as a daily ritual. We made it to Canada to throw a party for grandpa's 90th birthday, complete with 50+ people who came for brunch, cake and celebration.  Had a brief visit with my mom and dad, who were rock stars for traveling to Canada with us and helping throw the party.  There's been a car accident that totaled grandpa's vehicle, despite hurting no one at all.  Colds have been had and are unfortunately lingering among us.  Every other day, we seem to pick five pounds of strawberries from the yard.  One must eat them.  I've taken grandpa on six trips to the dentist and oral surgeon, with at least 10 more to go, to essentially get his mouth renovated.  Gallstones apparently need to be removed from one of us sometime soon. Another of us is reading everything in sight, out loud. Our cat attacks my ankles and chases me down the hall on a daily basis.  I think it's her way of demanding treats and unfortunately I reinforce this behavior.  Me and my three-year-old are prepping the deck for a new coat of stain.  Elves will soon stain the deck. And then the beautiful, newly-rebuilt giant table will appear.  Somehow I became the chairperson for summer school at our new co-op.  The learning curve is a bit steep. Luckily, the sunsets from our deck have been stunning lately.  I finally handed off my co-op treasurer duties to someone new this week. We made s'mores over the charcoal barbecue on the summer solstice and licked our fingers.  And, what's more, we have perfectly spherical ice cubes in the freezer.


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