Our nonagenarian

In February, I started planning a big party for the downstairs grandpa -- for his 90th birthday.  The big event came off smoothly over Father's Day weekend.  And now I'm finally getting around to posting some details here. 

We threw him the party in British Columbia, Canada, near the town he had lived for more than 25 years prior to moving to Seattle in 2010.  We invited his family -- including cousins he hadn't seen in 40 years -- and friends, former business associates, parishioners, neighbors, and former colleagues.  All told, we mailed nearly 80 invitations.

We scheduled the hoopla for the day of grandpa's 90th birthday, which was also Father's Day this year. My parents came from Oregon to help us throw the party.  They drove to Seattle, then caravaned up to British Columbia with us to set up, cater, and host the big day.  It was nice to be able to see my dad on Father's Day this year -- although I still feel a little bad that he worked so hard. 

We held the party at the cookhouse on the historic Nicola Ranch outside of Merritt, BC.  We also rented a house at the ranch where we stayed with my mom and dad.  Grandpa stayed in town with some friends.  The little house served us well, although the creatures in the walls kind of freaked me out at night (turned out to be birds).   A large field and playground next door made the smallest among us quite thrilled. 

On the day of the party, relatives (including cousins from Alberta & Washington) and close friends started the festivities by coming for brunch at 10:30.  Toast were made and stories were told.  Pictures taken.  Then a broader group of friends began to arrive for cake and celebration around 1 p.m.  In all, more than 60 people came and went.  It was a busy, festive, and good day.  Grandpa worked the room all day -- loving every minute of it.  Happy 90th Herman!

Byron and his Aunt Lenora.
The kitchen staff -- my mom and dad.

Herman with nieces Vera and Louise.
Herman's cousins and our family.
The Prescotts, who hosted Herman for the weekend.


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