Solstice 2014: Feeling

Wishing you all the happiness this season offers -- from both expected and unexpected places. Here's my list of what made me feel happy and lucky and loved today:

Julkaka from Larson's Bakery
A stunning maple tree strung with thousands of white lights
My child sleeping with a yellow cat
Bargains at Value Village (A snowsuit for $2.99...Dr. Seuss for $1.99)
An entire peppermint brownie
A plaid bow tie
A shiny black cat with a festive red kerchief 
My red wool skirt
The small, warm hand of a 3-year-old boy in mine
Finding a holiday card in the stack of mail
Explaining pac man to my three year old
A white cyclamen
Being taught by a stranger to say hello and goodbye in Dutch 
A soft warm bed


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