A favorite spot

This week I toted Wyatt across town to the University of Washington Arboretum to get myself a little winter garden fix at the Witt Winter Garden.  No matter the time of year, there's always something blooming at the arboretum, or looking "just beautiful" as Wyatt declared Tuesday.  The sun came out for us as we sniffed our way around the garden several times -- the witch hazel and sarcococca smells are incredible -- then wandered off to see what was happening elsewhere and to find a few more things on our scavenger hunt list i.e. a tree with peeling bark and a singing bird. 

Wyatt wrangled my camera away from me and insisted on taking pictures, some of which I've included here.  Although many of the camellias had already come and gone, the witch hazels are at their peak right now.  Magnolias soon to come . . .


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