Celebrating at 600 feet

In April, my mom turned 70. Last weekend we hosted my mom and dad in Seattle to celebrate the big milestone. It was just a family affair, but it was fun and gave us all a chance to celebrate the many years and memories that we have all made together.

My sister and I worked up a photo book as a gift to help celebrate the occasion. We were lucky enough to have several friends and family contribute letters and memories and celebratory notes to make it feel complete. I think it was the highlight of the weekend for her.

In our time together we managed to ride the monorail (at Wyatt's request) and enjoy brunch at the Space Needle on Sunday, which was gloriously clear.  We also ate some birthday cake and made time for visiting. Those of us here in Seattle agree that it would be nice to see more of my folks, and we're hoping they'll finally decide to relocate one of these years soon. 

Happy birthday, mom!

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