No promises

Apparently I've been away from my blog so long now that it took extra steps of verification for Google to let me back in to blog.  Goodness!  I won't bore you with a recap of the last many months I've been AWOL.

Just life, like always.  Mostly good stuff.  Some less than great stuff.  Lots of laundry. Too much of some things.  Okay, a few highlights from 2015:  We finished landscaping the front yard (after five years), we had a Seattle summer that actually produced tomatoes in August, my part time law practice reached its annual goals, I helped a nonprofit board on which I serve to purchase property for new school, my child lost six teeth before the age of five, and then there were the two kittens we acquired in mid-November.  Enough.

What will 2016 be about for me?  Of course I don't know the future, but I'm old enough to realize that much of the future is in fact up to me. So here's my somewhat random list of a dozen things I want the year to include -- some hopes, some goals, some to-dos, no promises.
  1. Hiking a portion of the Wonderland Trail
  2. Learning about index funds:  how to pick them and use them effectively in my portfolio
  3. Replacing 18 windows and putting in a master bathroom (the room was gutted five years ago . . . it's time)
  4. Talking about interesting stuff with friends more
  5. Making the most of our last year of preschool, which means maximizing the "mom and Wy" mornings + Fridays that I have every week
  6. Improving my listening skills
  7. Reading and writing more
  8. Enjoying another hot summer in Seattle
  9. Harvesting my first crop of plums from my new trees
  10. Visiting an island in the San Juans that I've not been to before
  11. Practicing yoga regularly
  12. Cooking Indian food at home


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