All green for St. Patrick's

It's definitely is not news that food is a big part of our lives in this household.  On a weekly basis, food is also the centerpiece around which we make time for each other.  Every Tuesday night is "family dinner" night -- and has been for about 4+ years now.  Grandpa comes upstairs for the evening and we share a meal.  Every other week, my sister and her husband join us as well.

Coming up with a meal that appeals to everyone can sometimes be a challenge.  That said, we've come up with some good menus over the years and I will try to share some of them here soon.  This menu is, honestly, not really one of those.  Even so, I must tell about it.

Last week, family dinner involved everyone, and we decided to embrace St. Patrick's day to the extent we could -- being that none of us eats much meat and most prefer a vegetarian menu, which meant corned beef was off the list. 

We decided to go with "green" as our theme and fully embrace Guinness.  The main course was Guinness-glazed white fish (halibut season hadn't yet opened, so we went with another type of white fish that was fresh, but in retrospect, I don't advise making a substitution.).  We also had a very green salad featuring asparagus, green onion, mixed greens, avocado and Green Goddess dressing, and we also had steamed cabbage with lots of butter, salt and pepper.

Despite what it lacked in deliciousness (the fish was the miss), it was pretty and fresh and looked like spring.  And we drank Guinness.



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