Summer's end

Right before we dove into fall, and kindergarten, and embracing new schedules and daily patterns . . . we made every attempt to soak up the last bits of summer and mark its end so as not to forget how great our time and adventures were this season.

We packed in some final play dates with friends from last year's class and our favorite little person, Auden, and his mom.  And we ate as many peaches as end-of-season strawberries we could find.  There were some unplanned naps, and time for Sushi Go in the afternoon.

And on the last day before kindergarten began, Wyatt and I had a downtown Seattle adventure.  We wandered around Pike Place Market, ate a bag of fresh doughnuts all by ourselves, checked out the art and the fish and the crabs.  Grabbed lunch at the Steelhead Diner.  Browsed at a bookstore for a while.  And chose all the new furniture we would like to fill our house with from Design Within Reach's showroom (Wyatt's idea). 


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