Windows . . . 7 years later

We moved into our home Memorial Day weekend 2010.  At the time we purchased this house, we knew it needed some updates and love and we spent most of our energy getting the downstairs in living condition so Byron's dad could move from Canada to live with us.  Then Wyatt arrived . . . and our house projects slowed.  We did have the minor flood in the kitchen that prompted a redo there.  And the front yard evolved slowly into something we now use and enjoy.

But for the most part, our internal work to finish big projects like downstairs drywall and new windows and doors throughout the house has been on hold for some time now.

In April, we finally pulled the trigger on new windows for the whole house.  Gone are the original 1960s single-pane-retro-fit-to-double-pane-foggy-seal-popped windows.  We put new dark bronze- Milgard thermal-break aluminum windows throughout.  Not only do we love seeing clearly out the windows now, but the house is so much quieter, warmer and more attractive.

Now, on to the doors!


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