The Square Dance

We feel lucky to live in our neighborhood and specifically on our block.  When we moved in about seven years ago, there was a tradition of happy hours and shared meals that we were graciously invited into.  Over the years, we've had numerous opportunities to share laughs and food and fun with those who live on our street.  A few newcomers have joined the block, all of whom have only made it better.

On August 1, Seattle (and many other cities around the U.S.) celebrate Neighborhood Night Out -- a community effort to get to know your neighbors, talk about neighborhood safety and emergency preparedness, and just generally be neighborly.  Word is that our block had never closed off our street and planned a block party for Neighborhood Night Out.

I thought it would be fun, so I signed up with the City to close our street, and sent a email to the neighbors suggesting we could hold a block party if anyone wanted to help me plan it.  And just like that, a small group pitched in and we planned a square dance with live music and a potluck of desserts and appetizers.

My feet hurt for a week after learning to square dance on pavement, but it was very fun and the kids absolutely could not get enough.  Wyatt and I danced together a few times.  Wyatt danced with everyone else too.


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