Pausing to start again

As you know, I haven't been in this space for a while.  Living life gets prioritized over writing about it, and without time for both, my blog gets short shrift.  But writing is also a helpful and important part of living for me -- it clarifies my thinking and often helps put life in perspective.  So here I am again.

We've made it through the bustle of fall with starting a new school and the traditional Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities.  The garden is put to bed.  It's raining a lot and few leaves are left on the trees.  Dormancy is settling in.

Same for me.  I'm beginning the process of saying goodbye to 2017 and looking ahead.  Thinking about what incremental improvement looks like for me, my relationships, my business.  Savoring the idea of new challenges and experiences ahead -- but not yet.

I've decided to write again this December for the 7 Days of Solstice -- and I may enlist a few other voices to join my own.  The idea of savoring the darkness but also embracing the light -- essentially acknowledging a pivot in one's physical world as well as the world of the mind -- is so invigorating.

Similarly, imposing a quietness in one's life, although difficult this time of year, has its rewards.  I invite you to try.  Join me in embracing these final weeks of lengthening darkness with the anticipation of renewal ahead.  Slow down instead of speeding up.

I'm privileged to be part of a group of five women who have helped me practice slowing down.  We meet periodically to discuss interesting ideas and foster the "life of the mind."  We have bee meeting for nearly three years now, and in that time, we have learned much about ourselves and each another.  We have practiced listening and forgiving.  We have cultivated a sense of openness and inquiry.  We have treated our gatherings as an opportunity to pause.

I know I'm not the only one for whom this idea resonates. 

And in this season of bustle and hustle, I've collected a few resources that provide guidance and inspiration for embracing a different pace.

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Article about adding some white space to your life.

Great art that makes you pause.

This kind of hygiene can make a big difference.

Nourishment well worth the time it takes to make it (IMHO).

Reality check on being mindful.

A thoughtful 35-minute interview I was glad I took time to listen to.


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